Parent Involvement

“Those who spend their substance in the cause of God, and follow not up their gifts with reminders of their generosity or with injury, for them their reward is with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.” – The Holy Quran [2:262]

We view school as a collaborative experience for and by many, rather than simply an exercise in individual achievement. It is our heartfelt belief that the vitality of our community depends on the active participation of everyone in it. Families are involved as partners in their children’s education and contribute their time and talents in a number of different ways, depending upon their interests, abilities and availability. Some parents read to the children in the classroom and drive on field trips, some help coordinate annual school events such as our Transforming Education Luncheon, while others assist with fundraising and marketing.

Getting involved at Peace Terrace is a great (and fun) way to develop deeper relationships with other parents and families, with your child’s teachers’ and with the Peace Terrace staff and faculty. Parents are required to volunteer 20 hours in the year.

12 Ways to Serve
Parent Volunteer Program

1. Room Parents
Room Parents are the heartbeat of the classrooms. They provide support to the teachers, they get information to class parents regarding class events and activities, and they coordinate class trips and projects. Each class has designated Room Parents.

2. Morning and Afternoon Cross Guard
Assist with morning arrival and dismissal times to ensure the safety of our students and siblings.

3. School-wide Volunteer
Work in the gardens, assist with plays and performances, contribute photos or articles to the Yearbook Club, help in the office, volunteer for events, and organize school events and parties, chaperone a field trip, help with bake sales, or sew a costume for the class play.

4. Join Parent Council & The Tea Cozy
Assist with internal communications, resource sharing and manage valuable institutional and community-related events throughout the school year. Parent Council coordinates committees like Parent Education, assist in School Admission/Information Tours, and improve our parent/teacher relationship and cooperation.

5. Fundraising and Community Building
Become a leader in bridging the financial gap at the school and help us to create a financially stable school for generations to come. Join our Leaving a Legacy Campaign, support and organize our Annual Supporters’ Dinner, inspire our students during the Read-A-Thon and Walk-A-Thon!

6. Outreach
Volunteer to post flyers for school events; write online reviews or editorials about Peace Terrace Academy; spread the word about education at Peace Terrace Academy; invite friends to the school tours & orientations; or sign up for a shift at one of our school tours led by Admissions Director-Zolaikha Khaliqi.

7. Facilities Team
Organize on of our annual school-wide clean up efforts. The Clean-Up Day will consist of washing windows, power-washing the exterior of the school, cleaning the school of broken furniture and items that are no longer useful. Deep cleaning of the wudhu areas and prayer areas.

8. Student Council Support
Support the student council and Sr. Fawzia in organizing the student elections, help the student council come up with service goals for the year.

9. Yearbook Support
Are you creative? Help Sr. Joyce and the yearbook team in coming up with an awesome yearbook. Contribute pictures, quotes, and ideas.

10. Lunch, Wudhu, and Prayer time support
If you have time mid-day, you might want to consider volunteering for the lunch, wudhu, and prayer times to help our students layout mats, supervising lunch time games, and helping students make wudhu.

11. Library
We need book lovers to check in books, organize the library, read stories to our young ones, and purchase new books for the library.

12. Recreational Support
Organize school-wide community events such as annual picnic, Great America field trip, movie nights, and much more to help us create a vibrant and rich community of learners who know how to have a good time!

We invite all Peace Terrace families to experience the benefits of becoming actively involved in our community.

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