Peace Terrace Academy


A Renewal

In many places around the world, classical education is now enjoying a renewal, because it is adaptive and equips students with the skills and knowledge to go forward and live virtuous, thoughtful, and productive lives. 

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Peace Terrace by the numbers

Year Established

A Place for Faith, Knowledge, Character & Community


Similar to many schools rooted in the classical tradition, our students explore the concept of Allah as the Creator of the universe. Understanding and practicing the elements of faith is the cornerstone of a Peace Terrace Education, first and foremost.

We seek to prepare students for a life of intellectual depth, effective communication, and ethical responsibility.


The classical education pedagogy is rooted in the time-tested principles that emphasize a rigorous and holistic approach to learning.

Key concepts include: The Trivium Framework of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric; Emphasis on Language Development; Great Books Curriculum; Integrated Subjects; Cultivation of Virtue; Socratic Method; and Classical Arts and Sciences.

Portrait of a Graduate

Equipped with foundational Islamic learning and the rigorous trivium framework, our graduates showcase strength in critical thinking, logical reasoning, and effective communication skills. An educational journey through Peace Terrace Academy instills a profound love for knowledge, encouraging students to approach the world with curiosity and a commitment to lifelong intellectual growth.