Our vision is that our students will chose to become doctors, lawyers, historians, artists, poets, writers, illustrators, journalists, mothers, fathers, engineers, teachers, bakers, businessmen/women, tailors, tech savvy web developers, researchers, imams, social workers, community organizers, masjid board members, nurses, correspondents, newspaper editors, pilots, space research analysts, coaches, therapists, with the light of Allah in their hearts!

Our Vision Is Achieved Through:

  • An Islamic school emphasizing a deep understanding of core foundational Islamic principles (Fard al-Ayn knowledge)
  • An instructional program designed to meet the needs of all students at their current academic achievement level
  • An early childhood program focusing on building lasting habits; an elementary program focusing on building and strengthening skills; and a Jr. High program focusing on logical and creative thinking skills.
  • An Experiential/Project-based learning program for Mathematics and Science
  • An internationally diverse community
  • A community that values both formal and informal mentoring programs
  • A community that celebrates individual backgrounds and beliefs
  • A community focused on supporting, compensating, and nurturing teachers.
  • An appreciation for global citizenry and programs for sustainability
  • An extensive Visual and Performing Arts Program that emphasizes the Islamic Arts
  • A well-rounded fitness and Interscholastic Athletic program
  • An appreciation for nature with respect, compassion and responsibility for all forms of life
Peace Terrace Academy

Peace Terrace Academy