Peace Terrace Academy is dedicated to providing an integrated academic and Islamic program which develops self-directed and resourceful learners. We consider the whole child and the stages of life development to help us engender a strong sense of self and a life-long commitment to learning and to Islamic traditions.

Spiritually, it is our goal to inspire every child’s personal connection to Allah, suhanahu wa’tala. By offering a dynamic curriculum that focus on core foundational knowledge of Islam such as Qur’anic Studies, Islamic Creed, Rights and Responsibilities Towards Parents, Study of the Life of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, and History and Contributions of Muslims we hope our students will not only embrace their Islamic identity but will work toward further contributions of their own.

Educationally, it is our goal to create intellectually vibrant people, independent thinkers, who will never lose their passion for learning, their delight in research and their involvement in religious pursuits. Research indicates that the process of learning is as important as the product. Therefore, we provide an individualized, experiential program that emphasizes the development of thinking, problem solving, and creative self-expression which reaches far beyond the rote mastery of basic skills. Our teachers and staff collaborate to design curricula and set goals and objectives based on the developmental stages of children as well as the particular needs to the children in their classes.

Socially, it is our goal to instill mutual respect, compassion and tolerance among our students. Our staff is dedicated to creating a supportive structure and a warm, loving atmosphere in which children can safely address problems and grow in their understanding of themselves and others. Our small size, just 100 students in grades Pre-K-8th, is an important part of our philosophy. It creates a warm, secure, personal learning environment, and provides more meaningful opportunities for involvement and learning.

Every member of the Peace Terrace family is essential to the life of our school. Students, staff, parents, and alumni generate the warmth and excitement that define Peace Terrace Academy. Staff and families share meaningful moments of their lives and build bridges to the broader community.

Peace Terrace Academy

Peace Terrace Academy