Junior High Program

The Peace Terrace Jr. High Program provides a developmentally appropriate sequential program for grades 6 through 8. Our integrated spiritual and intellectual program includes Qur’anic studies, Arabic, Islamic studies, literature & language, history, math and science labs and hands-on arts activities. As they progress through the program, students master the analytical, problem solving and writing skills they’ll need to succeed in a rigorous high school program.

These years are when students yearn for independence yet still need grounding spiritual and physical grounding by a group of teachers who hold their best interests at heart. Teachers who are steadfast and hold on to traditional values.

At this stage the students’ awakening intellect is ready for deep though and moves from the concrete to the objective. Their discussions hold more meaning, their eagerness is unmatched and our program meets them where they are.

Peace Terrace Academy

Peace Terrace Academy