Fourth Grade

Students are guided to self-select reading materials that are at their independent reading level and are supported with a balance of whole group, small group and individualized instruction to progress to the next level.

4th Grade Qur’an

  • Tajweed
  • Memorization
  • Reading
  • Beauty in recitation

4th Grade Islamic Studies

  • Fique of purification
  • Fique of prayer
  • Fique of fasting

4th Grade Arabic

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Oral Conversation

4th Grade Language Arts

Since the first publication of the Voyages in English series in 1942, the emphasis has always been on providing students with the necessary tools of oral and written language that honor their abilities and enable them to take their places in a dignified and articulate manner in sought-after educational institutions and, eventually, in the workforce and society. When the focus remains on the student and the level of expectation is high, standards and high-risk tests become ways of assessing student progress rather than goals to be met. A truly excellent instructional language series always sets its sight on lifetime communication competence rather than short-term minimum proficiency test results. Voyages in English has stood the test of time in proving its prowess in preparing students for life in a society that still values dignified communication skills and expects high-level performance.


Grammar in 4th grade begins with learning about the various types of sentences and progresses with instructions in nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions, and punctuation and capitalization. The ideas that were introduced in 3rd grade will now be implemented and practiced and further developed.

Written and Oral Communication:

Each month students have a new theme in their writing and oral communication instruction. In 4th grade the themes include: personal narratives, how to articles, descriptions, formal letters, book reports, persuasive writing, creative writing of fables, and research reports.

Reading Comprehension:

Literary Exploration – a familiarity with the great books and classics on various themes.

Attentive Reading – the literary proficiency to read with a discerning eye, and to develop a focus on larger themes, messages, and connections with attention to detail and nuance: how to delve into a piece for both pleasure and thoughtful analysis.

Critical Thinking – the techniques and confidence to formulate, express, and defend an opinion in class discussions and presentations, and to develop thoughtful responses to others’ comments.

4th Grade Mandatory Reading List

  • The Earth Dragon Awakes
  • Through My Eyes (Biography)
  • The Search for Delicious
  • The Trumpet of the Swan
  • Heidi

4th Grade Required Independent Reading List

  • The Trumpet of the Swan
  • The Borrowers
  • Black Beauty
  • Misty of Chincoteague
  • The Butterfly Jar (Poetry)

4th Grade Social Studies

  • California history including migrant workers (Mexico, Central America), enslavement (forced migration of Africans during slavery, Chinese Americans in California (Railroads 1865 – 1869, Angel Island 1910) and indigenous peoples

4th Grade Math

  • Develop more elaborate algebraic thinking and computation skills
  • Multiplication and division algorithms
  • Solve word problems and division stories
  • Two-dimensional geometry and measurement (using standard and metric systems) with a study of polygons
  • Fractions through varied scenarios from the classic (and more concrete) parts-of-a-whole problems to more common parts-of-a-group question
  • Introduction to decimals, averages and probability

4th Grade Science

Science Fusion is a state-of-the-art science program designed for building inquiry, STEM, and optimized for learning in the classroom, at home, on a laptop, a tablet, or using a science textbook. The digital curriculum, virtual labs and hands-on activities, and write-in science textbook develops important critical thinking skills that prepare students for success in future science courses and in the workplace. The themes in this grade are:

  • Studying Science
  • The Engineering Process
  • Plants and Animals
  • Energy and Ecosystems
  • Weather
  • Earth and Space
  • Properties of Matter
  • Changes in Matter
  • Energy
  • Electricity
  • Motion

4th Grade Art

  • Elements of art continue to provide a vocabulary to talk about art and the visual world
  • World traditions are introduced to provide inspiration for projects and to build cultural appreciation
  • Fiber arts: felting, weaving, knitting

4th Grade Drama, Percussions, and Vocals

  • Classroom performances during school events
  • Singing in the school assemblies
  • Language Arts Enrichment classes in poetry performance and theater

4th Grade PE

  • Skill development including trapping, throwing, lay-ups, goal tending, position play
  • Lifelong health and fitness including warm up and cool down exercises
  • Fair play
  • Conflict resolution
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