Elementary Program

Building Lasting Skills

“In times of change the learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

Grades 1-5

Everyday we usher our children into a brave new world. Living in a state of constant discovery, students in the elementary grades find comfort in the deep bond and trust that exists between themselves and teachers, parents, and the community. These are the years when children need loving encouragement to develop their skills and gain confidence in their abilities. “I can,” must be their motto.

We emphasize building skills in the elementary grades, reading the Qur’an fluently, phonetic decoding, writing mechanics, mental Math, and a variety of hand-work experiences strengthen the will of the students in our care and give them the opportunity to say, “I can and I will.”

Emphasis on character development and the broader world view of Islam begins to take shape in the elementary grades as children begin to perform the daily prayer of Dhur in congregation, memorize longer chapters of the Qur’an and learn the practical aspects of their religion.

Since we recognize that children respond to varied teaching modalities, Peace Terrace nurtures student expression in a wide range of spiritual, creative, and intellectual endeavors.

The world may be changing around us but good values and the necessary skills remain the same throughout the generations.

Jr. High Program

Implementing Skills and Logic

Grades 6-8

“I came to Peace Terrace Academy to learn about my religion but I’ve learned so much more throughout the years. I feel truly blessed.” Osman Hassan, 7th Grade

Our middle school curriculum and programs are designed specifically to meet the unique spiritual, emotional and social needs of young adolescents.

Students’ awakening intellects are ready for critical and objective thinking, knowledge of cause and effect, and more refined observation, which they experience in their academic subjects, with themes such as the Renaissance, physics and the history of algebra. In these grades students truly learn what it means to be a Muslim, by encouraging honest dialogue and exploration of a wide range of Islamic experiences we promote mutual respect and understanding as well as a clear plan of how to worship, interact with others and carry on their daily lives.

Having mastered the basic skills of reading and writing at this stage children can delve deeply in forming their own opinions and sharing their thoughts and view with the world.

Their budding emotional lives blossom through positive and concrete modes of expression, which include the study and writing of poetry, literature and biographies. They experience a dynamic interplay of knowledge of self and the world as they engage in a wide variety of arts – from painting, sculpting, woodworking and singing to the annual production of a class play.

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