Success is a result of strong and natural beginnings. Early childhood classrooms at Peace Terrace Academy are learning laboratories where children are energetic and engaged explorers; from charting when butterflies will emerge from their chrysalises to pretending to be ants going through their tunnels they are engaged throughout the day in exploration with the underlying understanding that all things are created by Allah, the Sustainer.

Our approach to early education immerses elementary children in a variety of themes, often topics that reflect their own interests, which we explore in-depth across many disciplines. When the lives of bee’s are studied children also reflect on the perfection of Allah’s creation, on the golden bounty that bees give to us. In this way we make the created world a reality for our little ones.

Small groups provide a context for meaningful dialogue and inquiry, facilitating children’s powers of thinking and learning. The early years also provide us ample opportunity to establish routine and habits. Children learn to embody Prophetic characteristics and manners by following the examples of their teachers and the adults in their lives.

Peace Terrace’s young children begin to form letters and recognize words in Pre-K and to write in Kindergarten. They combine their literary skills with illustrations in “writer’s workshop,” one of their favorite creative endeavors, which they proudly share with peers, staff, and parents.

It is during these critical years that children hone innate skills, ignite new interests, and broaden their journey through elementary school to middle school and on to adulthood

Peace Terrace Academy

Peace Terrace Academy