Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Center: Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, & Kindergarten

Preschool Program

In the three-year-old program, we help children carry out personal care routines on their own, solve problems and resolve conflicts, reason, and think. We use feedback and assessment to expand the child’s knowledge and build skills.

We help children develop a sense of self identity and purpose. By allowing ample opportunities for exploration and building self-help skills, children become adaptable to varied environments and develop a sense of independence.

Milestones this year include the ability to handle scissors, hold writing instruments in their fingers, and draw shapes and objects in relationship to each other, memorize short chapters of the Qur’an and recite their daily duas. In addition, three-year-olds are developing more complex language and social skills. They are able to demonstrate greater dexterity and hand-eye coordination as well as strength, balance, and fluidity of movement

Pre-Kindergarten Program

In our four-year-old program, we honor and enjoy children’s natural curiosity, competence, and exuberance. We are especially interested in supporting these foundational skills children gain through play and exploration:

  • Developing social connections to peers and adults through successful communication and problem-solving
  • Strengthening fine and gross motor control and organization
  • Supporting transitions and adjustments to school routines
  • Helping each child feel comfortable and happy in a learning environment

These foundational skills are critical for a child’s future success in school through the primary grades and beyond.

Kindergarten Program

Through guidance from their teachers, the Kindergarten class works both independently and in small groups to progress toward their goals for the year. They are immersed in a culture of learning and discovery.

Our students learn about the history, geography, music, art, traditions, and culture of the Arabic speaking world. Their experiences in the Arabic program provide important preparation not only for future language study, but also for their participation as members of the global community of the future

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