Leaving a Legacy

Building a Future and Leaving a Legacy

If we are serious about transforming the Muslim narrative in the west, then we have an obligation to look at the role education plays in it.  We witness children engaging with people, playing, working, within their environment, and slowly blossoming into responsible young Muslims.  We strongly believe that as vicegerents, it is our collective responsibility to support, educate, and provide our children with wholesome values so that they truly learning and understand the meaning behind the word, “community”.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Building a community is not easy, it takes a lot of time and commitment.  We would like to ask for your commitment to support Peace Terrace Academy by becoming a sponsor of our school.

What it Means to Become a Sponsor

  • You will be counted amongst the ranks of those giving continuous charity.
  • Your company or organization makes an ongoing commitment of $1000 or more on a yearly basis.
  • Your company or organization name will be added to our directory of supporters on our website and our parents and community will have access to the list.  InshaAllah your organization will receive increased patronage because of your support.
  • You will receive a supporters plaque for each year of support towards Peace Terrace Academy.
  • You will become a part of our school community and will be added to our mailing list and receive blog posts about updates to our programs, student activities, professional development updates and much more.
  • You will receive invitations to our annual events including our annual supporters dinner.

Join us this year to leave your lasting legacy.

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