The Mohammed Sbeih Fund

The Mohamed Sbeih Scholarship Fund

Mohamed Sbeih was the beloved son of Sr. Sonia and Br. Abedillatif Sbeih.
He and his cousin were killed by gun violence in San Leandro, California on
October 10th, 2016

The Mohamed Sbeih Fund was created as a way to honor the legacy of this young man as well as creating a means for continuous charity on his behalf. What better way to accomplish this than providing opportunities for students to learn beneficial knowledge?

Proceeds from the Fund will go Toward:

  • Scholarships for Deserving Students
  • Book and Supply Fee Assistance
  • Uniform Purchasing Assistance

A Message from Mohamed’s Mother

Mohamed was gentle and extremely kind and caring. When his elementary school decided to build a play structure, Mohamed was there to volunteer. He picked up tools, wood, and supplies and delivered them to the volunteers. He held a shovel and dug holes for the foundation of the play structure. He passed out water bottles to the adults and he helped me make sandwiches for lunch. As a young man he volunteered at our local mosque. he vacuumed the lines for prayer and provided security for the congregants.

My son Mohamed was full of wonder and imagination. As a young child, he would take an old video player or a TV set and break them apart to see if he was able to put them pieces back together again. Most of the time, he didn’t. That didn’t matter to me. What mattered was that he was being who he was. A young boy who loved to discover. As an adult he continued to work with his hands. He played around with car engines then later he received a license to run smog check on vehicles.

That WAS my son. A beautiful young boy with an amazing heart. He was taken from me unexpectedly. My arms ache to hold him. My eyes swell with tears of longing to see him. My ears are silenced from the lack of hearing his voice and laughter. My heart aches with the pain of his loss.

His passing at the age of 22 was and is very painful. He will never be forgotten and he is extremely missed. To honor him, we have created the Mohamed Sbeih Scholarship Fund.

Mohamed’s birthday was on October 31st and we celebrate him by launching this fund on the day of his birth.

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