Beyond the Classroom

The Classroom Project is a program at Peace Terrace that focuses on students learning the art of giving back to the community. The projects are completed in three phases: planning, compiling, and executing. Through Classroom Projects students learn to work together, give back to the community, plan and execute projects, and create long term goals for their class. The projects are led by classroom teachers with support from parents and faculty.

3rd and 4th grade: The Sunnah Garden

Lead Teachers: Sr. Sarwat and Sr. Tasneem

The 3rd and 4th graders are assigned the task of establishing a Sunnah Garden at Peace Terrace. In the first phase the students learn about the Prophet’s, peace and blessings upon him favorite foods. They learn that he loved pumpkins and enjoyed grapes and begin to plan what they will plant come Spring. In the second phase they plan out the garden beds, begin thinking about materials and start to raise funds for their project. In the third phase they begin building and planting.

5th Grade: GiveLight Foundation

Lead Teacher: Mr. Hammad Khan

GiveLight Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian relief organization, established in Sunnyvale, California, USA in January 2005 by a group of young professionals. The foundation seeks to create durable orphanages and provide orphan care in response to natural disasters and extreme condition, like poverty and war. Since inception, GiveLight has been able to operate primarily using volunteer talents in the US to generate awareness and funds for our global projects. Inspired by Islamic values we strive to help orphans across the globe regardless of nationality, race or religion.

Our fifth graders help with contributing funds and hosting an annual movie night with all proceeds going towards helping the orphans.

6th Grade: Annual Read-a-Thon

Lead Teacher: Sr. Shabeena

The annual Read-a-Thon is a program which has multiple benefits, students develop a love for reading as well as raising funds for various projects for the school.  Students learn the value of giving and community work by collectively raising funds for their school.

7th and 8th Grade: Various Activities

Lead Teacher: Sr. Fawzia and Sr. Zainab

The seventh and eight graders at Peace Terrace are responsible for the various giving activities throughout the year based on the interest of the students.  In the past they have raised funds and organized the school library; hosted an annual Walk-a-Thon; held a wonderful and much celebrated Talent Show; participated in our annual canned food drive; as well as many environmental activities.

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