After School Programs


Thank you for your interest in the Peace Terrace Academy After-school Program. The After-School Program at Peace Terrace Academy provides children from Kindergarten-8th grade an opportunity to join in extra-curricular activities.

Please fill out the After-School Programs application if you would like your child to enroll in the after-school programs. Please note that this program is not limited only to Peace Terrace Academy’s students. Space will be limited for each of the programs.

Homework Club

Homework Club is an after-school program serving
students in ECE through Jr. High, ages 5-14. Homework
Club provides a quiet, structured, safe environment for
students to complete their homework with help as needed.
Homework Club staff provides help and
support in all school subjects.

Homework Club takes place throughout the entire school 
year, Monday through Thursday with the exception of
holidays and school breaks. Sessions begin right after 
school and ensure that students complete their
assignments without stress and anxiety. Students
who finish their work before the end of the session
have an opportunity to practice reading fluency,
reading comprehension, practice basic math
skills, or play organized educational games.

Session Dates
Semester 2
Quarter 1: 1/16- 3/24
Quarter 2: 3/27 – 6/9

3:45PM – 5:00PM

1 Day per Week:
$150/per Quarter

2 Days per Week:
$300/per Quarter

3 Day per Week:
$450/per Quarter

4 Days per Week
$600/per Quarter

Lego Robotics

The WeDo Lego robotics program is an engaging way of
involving young students in the STEM field. The use of
Legos makes it child friendly while the building
process provides students with challenges that
help them increase their problem solving skills.
The program gives kids valuable exposure to
basic engineering concepts and is designed
in a way that is easy for students to follow.
It develops students’ understanding of the
inside mechanisms of machines, playing
with Legos help develop children’s creativity
which is a very important skill.
Session Dates
Semester 2
Quarter 1: 1/16 – 3/24
Quarter 2: 3/27 – 6/9

3:45PM – 5:00PM

Level 1/2: Mondays
Level  3: Wednesdays

$240/Per Quarter

Space is limited


In a day and age when everything seems to be
about instant gratification, chess is a game of
strategy that helps us to slow down.

Playing and learning the game of chess
sharpens the mind, helps our students
develop perspective, improves memory,
deepens focus, and is a wonderful
hobby for the whole family.

During our after-school program students
will learn elementary and advanced
techniques from a qualified instructor
who will aim to instill a passion for this game.
Session Dates
Semester 2

Quarter 1: 1/16 – 3/24

Day: Wednesday

3:45PM – 5:00PM

Cost: $240


The long anticipated Basketball season
is finally here! Students will learn various
basketball skills such as how to dribble,
pass and shoot the ball as well as being
a team player. We will be competing in
the Bamrec League. League games will
be on Saturdays and will run from
1/28 – 3/18. If there is enough interest, we will have U10(4th,5th Grades),U12(6th, 7th Grades), and U14(8th Grade) teams for both boys and girls.
Session Dates

Semester 2
Quarter 1: 1/16 – 3/24


Practice days will be set once it is determined that there is enough interest to form a team.

 Cost: $250

The Young Man’s Guide to Healthy Communication

This course will be taught by Brother Ali Bishop.
Br.Ali is a licensed mental health therapist working
in Alameda County. His full time time position is
the mental health clinician at Newark Memorial
High School in Newark, California. Br. Ali
services high school students that have a
wide variety of mental health issues including
anxiety, stress management, anger management and depression just to name a few.

Br. Ali’s current endeavor is to support the pre-teen and pre-high school population to assist them before
entering high school. He has found that children face many complex social and emotional issues that, if
addressed early on, could provide them with the ability to adapt and adjust easily in the more formative
years of their education.
A practical 6 session course for the Muslim male youth. A discussion around healthy relationships and communication.
Topics covered:
The male role: What is my definition of what a male is and how does it apply to me
Intention and action
Personal boundaries
Healthy communication and healthy relationships
Taming the beast: Anger and mood management
Positive decision making and healthy choices
What is peer pressure and how am I effected
Integrity and Genuineness
Equity vs Equality
Life choices and planning my future. What kind of male do I want to be?
Session Dates

1/20 – 2/24

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm


Cost: $180/6 Sessions

This session is available to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades only.
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